The Workforce Challenge

What’s standing in the way of our running a successful enterprise?

Executives from all over the world were asked to choose the top two obstacles to building a workforce that meets their future business needs. The two biggest obstacles identified were:

  • Employee longevity or loyalty
  • Adequate leadership

Source: Oxford Economics’ Workforce 2020: The looming Talent Crisis 2014

When you compare that with following Career Builder statistic:

  • Only 34% of U.S. workers aspire to leadership positions, with 7% aiming for senior or C-level management.

We have a challenging recipe.  But when you add-on that several studies that state people will switch jobs over 10 times by the time they reach 30 we are really underwater.

What do you think we can do to address this issue?


One thought on “The Workforce Challenge

  1. One solution: re-hire the boomers that were terminated over the past 6 years and replaced by the millennial’s that replaced them…for 3 years. You will not only get loyalty and leadership, but experience. As a boomer who has lost many dollars of retirement I can assure you that loyalty and gratitude will top the charts.

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