Am I Innovative? Test Two

teeth-whitening-colgate-gelThey say ideas are like tooth brushes.  We each have one of our own, we like to use it and we sure as heck are not going to use anyone else’s.  That is test two.  Are your ideas to attached to your ego?


That may be the case if you feel like your ideas better than everyone else’s.

  • When you ask for ideas and help do you share your ideas?  Do you share them first?
  • Do you like to use your ideas and not anyone else’s?

How can you get people to be creative and collaborate when they have to make you happy in the process?  What employee will share their ideas when their boss has already told them what they wanted?

Leaders need to hold back their ideas when collaborating with their people.  A leader’s job is to define the problem that needs to be solved or the opportunity that lies ahead and then ask for help.  Leaders should encourage open transparent idea sharing.  Once people share ideas a leader should provide feedback about the idea they would like to pursue.  Specifically a leader should share the positive aspects of the idea and then share the aspects of the idea that are disadvantages. Once a leader is finished their next responsibility is to ask their people for ways to alter the idea in order to keep the positives and reduce or remove the negatives.  By approaching innovation and problem solving in this manner a leader can create collaboration and strengthen their team’s analytical and creativity skills.

If after following this process you still have not made progress then you as the leader can share your ideas.  However it is best if you build off of your team’s ideas.  The key is to gain real buy-in from your people.  It is better to move forward with an average idea that has full support and proper execution rather than a great idea with little support and haphazard execution.

In the end each of us as leaders must ask ourselves…

Would we rather be right or get something done?

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