Top 5 Employee Deal-Breakers

What frustrates employees?  what makes them want to look for a new job?  According to HR Manager, Sept 2014 these are the Top 5:

  1. Not feeling trusted and empowered by their boss.
  2. Being expected to work or answer e-mail during a sick day, during vacation or after work.
  3. A boss who shifts the blame to employees when things go awry.
  4. Lack of flexibility for family responsibilities.
  5. Not getting along with co-workers.

Do you agree?  What would you add to the list?


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Employee Deal-Breakers

  1. Not providing enough development and growth opportunities
    Lack of recognition for the good work done
    Inappropriate performance appraisals
    Lack of challenging opportunities
    Not providing an opportunity to present the ideas
    No proper guidance or training

  2. Here’s a boss’ opinion (just mine so you know I am not talking for everyone else)
    1.Not feeling trusted and empowered by their boss.
    There are a lot of employees I trust. Unfortunately there are a lot more employees I don’t trust. Employees talk about this all the time. We want more responsibility. We want to feel as if our work is our own. However, once given parameters for what is needed, the un-trustable ones go off on the biggest ego trip that I have ever seen. Jeez how condescending can you get? They become the monsters that they advocate against. The saddest thing is that they just don’t see it.

    2.Being expected to work or answer e-mail during a sick day, during vacation or after work.
    I agree with this if you are a base level employee. If you are a manager with an assistant or a coworker on a cooperative team then I expect you to ensure that your backup is well able to handle the issues in a work day. The sad truth is that time is money. I know, I know people don’t like to be treated as a number. But I would suspect that when that number is your salary you don’t mind that one so much. Maybe it was the way I was brought up. My parent used to always say I don’t have time to be sick. I can’t afford to be sick. I say the same thing. Maybe I am a little sick and tired of people calling in sick at the most crucial time, not having a backup plan. Maybe what I would really like is for employees to understand that the reason that I don’t take time off to be sick is the reason that they still have their jobs.

    3.A boss who shifts the blame to employees when things go awry.
    Bad. If my title is “department head” then the responsibility comes to me as well. However, let’s just be clear. If an employee made a mistake, I want to know what happened, why it happened and how it happened. I would also appreciate it if you would let me know before someone from another department walks in to say XYZ happened. Some people would say they didn’t know, blah, blah, blah. Seriously, give me a freaking break. Those selfsame employees DO KNOW when they’ve made a mistake, THEY HIDE IT. SO MUCH TRUST AND EMPOWERMENT. Just to be clear, whenever I’ve made a mistake, I went right into my bosses office, told them what I did, how I can fix it before it become a problem. If there were any alternative let me know. I know it could have cost me my job. Maybe I’ve been lucky that instead of firing me they were angry but at the end thanked me for telling them so they could put out a fire before it blew up into an inferno. I call it taking responsibility for my actions. Maybe that is why I am now the boss’ chair. Jeez if I have to think about how many times I had a VP screaming at me and when I had the employee in my office they mewled “oh I didn’t know what do” and I can see in their faces they are story telling I could be rich with my own island.

    4.Lack of flexibility for family responsibilities.
    I have no problem with anyone needing to handle family issue. We all have them. The difference between good employees and bad employees is the backup plan. If your report is due on this day and you know you have your kid’s ball game, don’t tell me your report won’t be finished because of the ball game. Why did you come to me at the last minute? You don’t work in a vacuum no matter how much you think you do. Somewhere somehow someone else needs what you are doing, even if it is me. I always maintain the same standard. You don’t want to have a problem when I give you your paycheck. Why do I have accept every problem you give me in order to get there? Once, it happens to anyone. Twice, sure. When it gets to third, fourth and fifth time it is when I have to start firing people. Then you call it not being family friendly. For those who are great employees I still have to tow the line because if I give them a benefit the irresponsible ones say I am playing favorites or discriminating against them because of a protected class. Let’s just be clear, I am not talking about family emergencies, FMLA, or any other legitimate or valid reason. I am talking about the report that is on your desk that you need to get out but can’t because you just found out about the last minute bake sale so now you have to run to the market and buy cake mix and frosting. OK then why did spent 1.5 hours calling everyone to complain to them about the last minute cake sale? You called your friend, mother, the outside friends, you talked to three coworkers.

    5.Not getting along with co-workers.
    There’s not getting along with workers hostile environment (including bullying) and there is not getting along with workers Sesame Street. You’d be surprised how much Sesame Street there is out there. Once again my parents used to always say your problems are yours. Don’t take them to work with you. 20 percent of the office is filled with the boyfriend girlfriend sports game movie seeing waste of time. I can’t get around that but when I have to put up with sindy sue is jealous of me or mike think he’s the guy. REALLY? Also, it’s kind of hard for anyone to counsel someone on getting along with others when employees speak openly about the all night drinking, including the throwing up and finding yourself in an alley, the one night stands, the stats about the one night stand, the hook up, every little facet of your sex life, the going struggle with your partner (you just found out he is a cross dresser). Oh yeah, these are the really hard workers who want more money. Where I have had to step in was with the domestic violence, the employee with the stalker, the ADA AA issue. You think a boss’ life is easy. I wish on you three months in my job.

    Why don’t I leave, because there really are hard decent working people who want to get ahead.

    11 Reasons your co-workers hate you

  3. Not the worst, but the most immediately striking example of disengaged, unhappy employees I ever saw was among a team of software developers. What I noticed was that they were producing a poor-quality product, when they could easily have produced something much better, and they were producing it [seemingly deliberately] in a bad way. They were also fed up and, to be honest, a little hostile. I felt compelled to understand what was going on, so I asked “why are you producing the product like this?” and they told me “because Mr Smith, the CEO, has asked us to.” They really weren’t happy about it. So why did a group of 30 people tow the line on something they knew was ridiculous? Something they could have easily done better? …Perhaps people are simply resigned to not being listened to? …Is it that we’re all in the same boat? …camaraderie?

  4. Specifically, to the list, I would add something which many employees aren’t familiar with: which is Facilitation. Done properly, facilitation can really enlighten culture and, therefore, an engaged workforce.

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