Bucket List

I was talking with someone the other night and they mentioned an adventure they had. They were excited because they had a great time and they were able to check something off of their bucket list. More importantly they were better, they had grown because of the experience.

It got me thinking…What growth opportunities could I be missing. What might I not think about or see because of my blinders? Everyone sees the world a little differently. Everyone’s bucket list probably has a unique item or two on it. What is yours?

Share your list or a couple of cool things on it. Maybe you will change my list in doing so. Maybe you will influence others or be influenced yourself.

2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. In response to your question “what’s on your bucket list”: I have recently added completing a mini triathlon to my bucket list. My 13 year old daughter & I went kayacking for the first time recently at a sate park. I suggested we rent a canoe, but she insisted on the kayacks. After an hour of paddling around the lake we decided our next adventure would be mountain biking at the park. We completed the challenging course in an hour & 1/2. Exhausted & hungry we stopped at the beach to have ice cream. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. We both want to do it again, but maybe not all in the same day! It’s amazing what you can accomplish with determination and the willingness to try new things. That day inspired me to sign up for a mini triathlon, and yes my daughter is going to participate also.

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