Is there a right time for an Engagement Survey?

TimingDo you have an interest in running an Employee Engagement survey, but worry if it is good timing?  Chances are it is good timing.  Here are some of the excuses we have heard for postponing surveys and why they don’t hold water.

Is it a good time if we have a new President or CEO?  

It would be a great way for a  new President or CEO to let employees know that it is a new day and that they are interested in them. It should be very impactful if it is rolled out properly.  Also it may help the new leader in developing a strategic plan that has buy in across the employee based if the questions are strong.

We have had a lot of change going on, maybe this is not the right time?
With all the changes that are occurring it would convey to the employees that the Company recognizes this period maybe difficult, but also indicate to them that even though we can’t solve all of their problems with patience on their part we will be developing plans to address various employee issues. 

We have so many HR priorities I am not sure the survey should be at the top of the list.

A survey would contribute to various HR related priorities such as an HR audit by helping identify what the HR goals should be and the organizational structure and strategy to attain those goals. It would also clearly indicate the type of support from HR that managers need to be more effective leaders.

A survey could contribute to the development of the new policy manual/handbook in that you would hear about any policies, benefits, communication programs, etc. that are a concern and need to be addressed. You might also learn about the consistency of administration of these policies and programs. 

We have some initiatives coming up, maybe we should wait until after they are complete and people have had a chance to see what things will be like. 

If done correctly employees will feel they have had input into the future of the organization.  People react better to change when it happens with them rather than to them.  And times of change typically reduce productivity.  This process has the ability to improve productivity or at least stop the productivity drop.

And as management demonstrates responsiveness a heightened level of credibility will be achieved.

You see there is rarely a good time or a bad time for an Engagement Survey.  Survey results are just news.  How we interpret the news makes it good or bad.  If we see it as data, information we now have we can do something with it or about it.  Without the news we are running our companies blind.  Some people think that the news won’t exist if a survey is never done.  But I have news for them…it does.  The news is there hiding in the darkness.  It is shared in the break room, at the water cooler, and in gossip which can now be shared with many via technology.  They know what is going on.  They know the news.  Don’t you think it is about time you do too!

What other excuses have you heard?  Share them in the comments section.


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