Have a Coke and a Smile!

I just don’t get it.  Are we  programmed to become upset about anything these days?  I think I watched the same Super Bowl and the same set of Super Bowl commercials as everyone else.

This year Coca-Cola had an ad that showed Americans from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, singing America the Beautiful.  It reminded me of that throw back commercial from, I think the ‘70s, that Coke produced called I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.

The message of the ‘70s spot was about coming together as one.  It was a message about peace, understanding and about getting past differences, about finding things in common.  The commercial this year, I think, was meant to do the same.  The commercial promoted the idea that America is beautiful, America is great, and one of the reasons it is so great is because it is appreciated from various perspectives, from people all over this country who come from all walks of life, different backgrounds and experiences and even different countries.  It was meant to say, there is no other place on earth like America, a place that is diverse and inclusive and a place where we value differences, our uniqueness…what makes you, you.  Now, one can argue that the United States has a language, the English language.  And, one could argue that it would have been nice to have the whole commercial in English.  However, it was not.  America the Beautiful was sung using a variety of different languages, including English.

Even if you feel like it was not the best use of funds and even if you did not like the commercial because you wanted it all in English, the vicious comments and curse words that followed that commercial on twitter and on the blogs just were uncalled for – we are better than this.  I think it’s time that everyone take a deep breath and have a coke and a smile.  This was not about our laws, about signs on the roads, or regulations regarding instructions coming with a product.  It was a marketing event.  A marketing event that was clearly designed to demonstrate the diversity in this country and how unified we can be even with those differences.  This was a commercial that was clearly generated to increase business and what better way to increase business than to talk to your different audiences in the easiest way that they can understand it.  And even though different languages were used, they were all singing the same thing, America the Beautiful.  At its core it was a unifying and patriotic commercial that marketed uniquely to different folks. A commercial that celebrates our diversity.  How come we get so ugly so quick over such small things?  Maybe it’s because we are drinking too much Coke or Pepsi or coffee.  Maybe it’s all the caffeine.  Maybe we need to get some decaf,  relax, take a deep breath, and treat each other just a little bit better.

Your thoughts?


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