Challenge staff to keep them engaged

This Sydney IT company reckons staff respond to being stretched.

Jamie Warner at eNerds says the best way to keep talented staff is to stretch them. You have to challenge them, he says, otherwise they leave.

“We feel every role needs to be a step up,’’ Warner says. “If it’s not a step up, they won’t stay.

“It’s a step-up in responsibility, a step-up in experience that they’re going to get so they will inevitably have a base set of skills, whether that be technical or sales or HR. The role needs to be a progression in what they’re going to learn.

“If for example you have been a pre-sales consultant just selling general procurement and the role that you used to have was selling people laptops and desktops and explaining licensing, it’s better for them when they go to the next level which is selling more complicated solutions rather than  one-off devices and equipment.

“If they were a client services coordinator, then the role should be client services manager. With a level 1 technician who has done a little bit of networking before, the step-up for them would be the technical side. They haven’t touched exchange services, they haven’t done certain things but they have a base skill. They are not going to last in the role they had before. It’s hugely important for retention.

“So straight away, you get from them a year or two of learning new things so that they feel they are being constantly challenged. “

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