Cafcass CEO: What I want from my HR director

It’s no secret that times are tough for the public sector. And in times of austerity, the public sector CEO looks for much more from HR.

Anthony Douglas (pictured), CEO of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) since 2004, is no different in demanding a lot from his HR director (HR magazine columnist Jabbar Sardar).

He even believes a good HR director is “effectively a CEO in all but name”.

“They have the same ownership of the organisation,” he says. “They make decisions of equal importance, and they are bloody good general managers who can step outside of the HR role and do anything that needs to be done.”

While managing extreme cutbacks – Cafcass was forced to lose 100 jobs in the wake of the infamous ‘Baby P’ case – Douglas says his HR service has managed to strike a complex balancing act. “It is utterly loyal to the organisation’s goals and 100% pro-individual employee,” he says. “It’s not just on the side of the managers or the individual. That’s the modern HR service, which does both effectively.”

Here, Douglas shares what he has learned about good HR and how the function is supporting the organisation to help as many vulnerable children as possible… Continue reading →


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