What is the Best Way to Develop Leadership Skills?

Leadership is a skill as much as it is a character trait. While it is part of a more dominant personality, it is an essential part of governing businesses, as well as having direct involvement with several other aspects in life. An individual that excels in leadership skills can explain and educate another; whether it be their child or potential employee with professional etiquette and sensitivity to all the necessary things. Leadership is a structured foundation of awareness that centres on clear communication in an influential and encouraging way. Leadership’s skills are enhanced by:

•              Critical thinking

•              Taking initiative

•              Listening in an effective way

•              Motivating/encouraging others

•              Time-Management

•              Discipline

•              Delegation

•              Conflict resolution

•              Awareness of when to lead, and when to follow

Awareness to strengths

Developing leadership skills is a process of determined focus. Itis understanding the concepts associated with leadership and giving them the proper room and attention to grow as assets/tools at your disposal. The list above gives a general rundown of the ideas and actions that structure leadership. While all are important, a few should be given a bit more recognition and further definition.

Awareness of when to lead and when to follow

This is such an important thing to consider, and ties in directly with a respectful trait; modesty. The acceptance that while holding the position of ‘boss’ or ‘leader’ understanding that people have the natural ability to excel at certain things. They are born as mathematical geniuses, or scientific gurus, and rather than challenge it and compete, it can be turned into a great combination of teamwork. By working together with professional etiquette you teach each other the skills you excel at, and in the end you maintain the role of leader, and modestly earns the respect and knowledge of your colleague.

Delegation paired with time-management

A successful leader is able to see a list of things that needs to be addressed and order them in roles of importance. Proper delegation and time management skills leads an operation to running smoothly and efficiently, capitalizing on the things that need to get done, while having awareness of the objectives that don’t need immediate attention. The proper analysis involved here can be the difference between a successful day, or a day of hectic and dramatic incidents.


Discipline is essentially a list of guidelines one chooses to live by, but more importantly, what they expect from others. Consistent discipline creates a governed atmosphere of expectation, a sense of right and wrong, and gives the workplace a structure it needs to run in an efficient manner. Without structure it would be an operation running as a free-for-all. It would not only lack efficiency in the tasks carried out throughout the day, but it would hinder the goal everyone was contributing towards. The end result would be unnecessary problems.

Leadership as a whole

While each item on the list contributes to leadership success, the additional notations listed above are key to its overall functionality. Leadership is an ability associated with traits, but more importantly the consistency overtime of demonstrating these traits. Leadership is centred on respect, and without it there can be no growth. Without the respect from you peers, regardless of one’s position of power, leadership would slowly absolve and become less and less functional in a particular area. The best way to develop leadership skills is through understanding what creates and enhances leadership. Practice makes perfect, and with proper recognition, the growth of a perfect leader is centred on a list of ideas tied to one very important thing; focus.

Richard McMunn, is the founder and director of the leading career website How2become.com. His aim is to help as many people as possible pass the recruitment process they are applying for to secure the job they really want. The website offers a wide range of books, dvds and courses for those who want to ensure they have every stage of the process covered. You can also connect with Richard and How2become on YouTube


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