The Angry Customer

Customers are angrier than ever.  People are tired of poor service standards, but more importantly, they are frustrated with bad cultures and systems that hinder good service.  In a recent survey Consumer Reports identified the top customer service frustrations.  Check out the list…

How do these issues line up with your experience?  What is not represented?  Share an experience you have had…good or bad?


6 thoughts on “The Angry Customer

  1. All of these things frustrate me as a customer, but one thing that infuriates me (and is not listed) is when I have to tell the same freakin’ story to every person I get on the phone with. I’m tossed from one service rep to another, and even when I speak to a manager they have to ask me what’s going on. Can’t anyone take notes anymore?

    Stepping back for a wider perspective, I imagine these results will come as a surprise to many business leaders. There’s a disconnect between customers and the companies that seems to be widening. For instance, there is often no easy way for me to complain about what’s going wrong. For instance, I was recently told that I couldn’t complain officially to the sales rep I was speaking to– or, rather, I could, but it would never be passed on to management. Instead, they asked me to send an email, login into their site, etc. All steps that sucked more of my time. Huh? That makes no sense. Complaints are golden for any company–they help leaders understand what needs to be improved, something that many firms pay consultants top dollar to tell them. Therefore, companies should have built-in processes for customers with service improvement suggestions.

    Here’s a blog that dives into the fact that most customers won’t complain–they’ll just leave the company. Customer Engagement Process for Engaging Silent Customers

    Thanks for passing these results on!

  2. I see you have a credit card and/or bought a DELL recently, Brad (LOL)!
    Keep poking injustice in the eye with that stick…..we’ll get customer inertia off its backside and onto the complaining front foot one way or another.

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