If you want to find a job…

Top 5 ways to improve your resume.

Here are some tips that will help you more successfully apply for and find a job:

  1.  Snail mail is dead.  Email or upload your resume.
  2. Computers read your resume first.  These programs use algorithms and keyword searches to sort the resumes in categories related to best fit.  You want your resume seen use the right keywords.
  3. To find the right keywords look at the job description and pull words directly from the job description posted by the company.  If they do not have a clear description of the job look up similar positions and use those to develop your keyword list.
  4. Customize your resume to the job and the company, even if that means you apply for less positions.  Remember, your resume is a marketing tool so make it about their needs while marketing yourself.
  5. Know your red flags.  Have you switched jobs a great deal?  Did you get fired?  Whatever the concern stop trying to hide it.  Deal with the issue upfront.  There are ways to position these challenges positively or as learning experiences.

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