Customer Engagement Not Here

Customer engagement and service are vital to the life of many companies, but we as customers experience great customer service rarely.  Typically, we get explanations, excuses, policy statements and questioned.  It is almost as if organizations do not want to help you or see you as guilty before even finding out the facts.  I came across this video that exemplifies what it is like to be a customer.  It is cute, but accurate in too many ways.  You will laugh when you recognize your own experience.

3 thoughts on “Customer Engagement Not Here

  1. Wonderful post. This bit is especially true:

    “There was nothing in my customer service course about diagnosing the individual customer’s needs, or using psychology and emotional intelligence to build trust and loyalty with the customer.”

    Too many companies are operating out of the 1950s as far as psychology and emotional IQ are concerned. For those who are interested in actually getting to know the customer, and responding to his or her needs with empathy and humanity, it’s important to choose a customer engagement model that focuses on customers’ emotions, and allows front-line employees to respond to feedback in real-time.

    Thanks again for this “funny because it’s true” post.

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