Discovery, Collaboration, Politics, and Death

What is discovery?  Discovery Learning is a method of inquiry-based instruction.  Discovery learning is utilized in problem solving situations where the person draws on his own experience and prior knowledge.   It occurs when people interact with their environment by exploring and manipulating objects, struggling with questions and controversies, or performing experiments.  To utilize this learning method an individual must be curious and engaged.

 The challenge is that many people use Discovery Learning to prove they are right rather than being curious and because it is a method that is easily utilized independently it can hamper collaboration.  That is a direct misuse of this learning method.  I am afraid that a people tend to misuse this method, a great deal these days, in business and in politics and it creates an “at all costs” mentality.  Most importantly it stops collaboration.

What is collaboration?  Collaboration is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals.

We are a country of shared history and values.  It is time we tapped into that shared history and values to re-discover shared goals.  To that end we must become curious again, we must listen to each other more, and we must collaborate across the lines that divide us.  In essence…Stop the show and show us the substance!

In today’s environment we must learn fast and collaborate to be competitive.  But if we are only making efforts to reinforce our existing beliefs, if we remain steadfast in that I am right and you are wrong.  If we label each other and call each other names we all lose in the end.  I am saddened that it takes injuries and death to push our political leaders to start exploring their rhetoric and behavior.  The vitriol that passes for conversation and dialogue is a disgusting example for our children and serves no purpose of a higher plane. 

Here is some practical advice for our leaders:

  1.  Cut the volume
  2. Adjust the tone
  3. Reduce the posturing
  4. Think beyond personal gain
  5. Think beyond the party
  6. Demonstrate civility
  7. Remain passionate
  8. Be curious
  9. Reach your hand across the aisle
  10. Role model, role model, role model

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