Without Trust There is No Credibility

Credibility is an extension or outcome of trust.  Trust is largely a function of presence.  Am I present and in the moment with my employees, co-workers, and clients.  When I am able to reduce ego, agendas, my need for my own personal preferences, and distractions I am able to hear things I could not before or hear things in new ways.  Typically we are caught up in things that have happened prior to a meeting or what will happen afterward, and we miss much that is in front of us.  When we are truly present:

 1.  We ask questions we would never have before.

2.  We clearly recognize the commitments we make.

3.  We solve problems with the other person in mind.

4.  We are willing to co-create or co-discover.

 All of these things make us more reliable, credible, and authentic. 

 For example, sales people who are able to let go of their agenda and focus on their client ask more thoughtful questions and spend more time understanding needs and close more sales.  Clients are more confident and therefore more credible with you and with others.

Sales people who focus on their own “stuff” try and close sales early and ask leading questions in order to try and make a sale and sell less.  Clients are less confident and therefore lack credibility with you.

It is interesting, but the phenomenon really is the more you can focus on others the more successful you become.  Even more incredible is that you build a stronger more impactful relationship with trust.  Everyone wins.  People talk more, collaborate more, are more creative, and it takes less time because there is trust and everyone drops their guard or metaphorical mask.  Everyone wins and everyone becomes more credible.


4 thoughts on “Without Trust There is No Credibility

  1. I agree that presence is key, and I would add that authenticity is what I thought of as I was reading this. I trust those who I perceive as authentic.

    Thanks for the blog!

  2. I am troubled by this “trust” thing. I think business is about risk.
    I want people to take risks to find new, better, more profitable ways of doing things.
    I want people to risk saying what’s on their mind — respectfully — to deal with the rhino’s under the table.
    My mentor Peter Koestenbaum’s phrase “Risk nothing, get nothing” always rang true for me.
    A problem with the “trusting” thing, i think, is that it tends to keep the status quo.
    I want people to trust in Self, risk with others to explore the edges and potentials of what might be.
    Oprah, as a great entrepreneur, is on a big risking mission right now with her OWN – and she acknowledges her fear of taking the risk.
    Risk nothing, get nothing.
    P.S. This does not apply when dealing with sociopaths.
    Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC.

    • Dr. Jim,

      I don’t think you need to be concerned about “trust.” Trust is important. And while trust is interrelated with risk they are not the same thing. Risk has more to do with how well we deal with our fears and concerns while trust has to do with our ability to remain present in the moment and on those around us.

      We can take risks without trust and we can have trust and still not take risks. I would be more concerned with combining these concepts. They are unique.

      Either way to develop trust or take risks there is really only one way to succeed…Get out of your own way.



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