The Legend that is Tony Lepore

Tony Lepore, otherwise known as the dancing cop, has been entertaining himself, drivers, and now audiences since 1984.  You see Tony got bored in his job like many of us do from time to time.   Directing traffic in Rhode Island can get monotonous so Tony decided to mix it up.  Inspired by a Candid Camera video, Tony added a hand flourish and then a twirl and soon after the Dancing Cop was born. 

The story is entertaining and appealing, and Tony is fun to watch; but we have all missed the point.  Tony is an example of why we have gotten employee engagement wrong!  He is also providing insight on how to get it right!

Tony’s engagement did not come from a survey or his manager.  It came from within himself.  Each of us brings with us a uniqueness, passion, and preferences.  Tony understood what made him happy and he crafted it into his job.  To accomplish what Tony accomplished takes insight, courage, and creativity.  

To truly create a culture of engagement an organization must focus on more than the survey and the manager.  Organizations need to focus on creating Tony’s.  Organizations need to promote personal engagement.  When we think about engagement from this angle our investments and efforts look very different.  Top down is important, but inside out is essential.


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