Selling after the Great Recession

Sales enablement has been defined as the process of arming an organization’s sales force with access to the insight, experts, and information that will ultimately increase revenue. It is a term that has gained momentum in the last decade.  Wikipedia

If you take into account that last couple of years sales, sale management, and sales leadership, in many organizations, have been pummeled.  Many organizations have been forced to reduce targets, achieve more with less sales people, or have completely missed the mark. 

Sales training and sales enablement efforts will need to change with the times:

Trend 1:  Organizations have had to manage risk and now is the time to focus on opportunity.  Instead of cutting back, reducing price, and holding your ground, sales leadership will have to focus on investing in their people, systems, marketing to take market share and do so in a strategic manner. 

Trend 2: Sales people are less confident.  Many sales people are broken.  We have to get them back on the horse again and fill open roles with confident people.  We will have to deal with fear and sales call reluctance.   This is not a battle of skills, but a battle of emotions and beliefs.

Trend 3:  Passion, passion, passion.  Organizations will need to reignite the passion sales people need to be passionate about the products and services they represent.  Selling is easier when it is fun and you believe in what you are doing. 

What say you?


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