If it’s broke…fix it!!!

I was doing a speaking engagement the other day for an ASTD chapter.  The presentation was titled Upside Down, Backwards, and Inside Out: A Different View of Training and Development.  You could replace training with Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness and any other moniker. 

I have said for a while that the theories, practices, products and approaches being used in the marketplace are outdated, tired, misinterpreted and misused.  As I did some research regarding the subject I was amazed by the numbers.  Take a look.

  • 70% of crucial org. change efforts fail (Miller, 2002)
  • 20% success rate with corporate re-engineering (Strebel, 2000)
  • 10-30% organizations able to implement strategic plan (Raps, 2004)
  • 80% of executives use controlling behaviors (LaMantia, 2007)
  • Almost 2 in 5 bosses are bad (Gallup, 2010)
  • 34% are thriving at work (Performancepoint, 2009)
  • 51% do not feel fully utilized at work (Performancepoint, 2009)
  • 48% organizational culture and politics create the most stress (Performancepoint, 2009)
  • 84% of organizations using engagement surveys do not see positive results (Hewitt, 2010)

It is time for a change.  It is time for taking a risk.  We are coming out of the dark clouds of a severe recession and now is the time for human performance professionals to do things differently!  Are you up for it?


2 thoughts on “If it’s broke…fix it!!!

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  2. Very interesting statistics! The reality is that many companies have lost site that customer service is their biggest selling point and people are their greatest assets. Those that remember these two things tend to move forward in the right direction. This video (http://www.upyourservice.com/video-theater/five-essential-problems-to-overcome-when-building-service-culture) offers some suggestions for overcoming problems that may arise when changing a company’s culture for the better.

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