Customer Engagement Means Consistency

I love this advertisement!    It speaks volumes.  In today’s business environment competition is fierce, costs are high, and everyone is focusing on being efficient.  However, the differentiator with our customer is about how we engage them. 

To truly engage a customer we must first be willing to make the sales process, or better yet the relationship, about our customers.  That does not mean that we stop being who we are or that we lose our expertise. 

It means we must:

  • Start where they are
  • Respond first to their concerns
  • Temporarily suspend our agenda
  • Ask strong questions
  • Be curious

That is exactly what this advertisement promotes.  However, words or ads do not create engagement or curiosity; deeds do.  This advertisement will only be effective if it rings true with the customer’s experience.  Inconsistency in your messaging with your actions or ability to support your messaging will only cause disappointment in your customer’s eyes.  Engagement is important, but to engage customers we must establish trust.  Trust is first built on honesty and candor. 

Maybe it is time we start where we are and reflect on what we can and cannot do.  Our customers will appreciate the honesty in our words and deeds.


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