Six Principles Every Organization Must Employ

What are the key principles your organization must employ to become an employer of choice? Hear what is important to today’s workforce. Know what will bring employees to your door, what will keep them there, and what will increase their drive in wanting to help grow your company’s reach.

What the video and then share your own principles!


8 thoughts on “Six Principles Every Organization Must Employ

  1. Good video which is very thought provoking. I will take you up on your challenge to share one of my own views. I spend a lot of time working with large groups of staff in the UK. One of the comments that comes out time and time again is ‘I want to work as part of a team and know I work in a team’ – either an immediate team or a larger corporate team. I suppose with home working / contact centres etc….this becomes more apparent.
    Your final point about brand is interesting. I haven’t yet worked at an organisation in the UK that has a really forward looking policy in the social media area so I cannot speak with any experience. Surely, however, there must be some form of control over what employees say and do? If so, doesn’t this water things down?

  2. Great thoughts Geoff. The team idea is very important.

    As far as the brand issue…I would suggest reading the book Crowd Sourcing. I think there is a great deal of opportunity in embracing the new networking approaches. I have seen it work well. The reality is we moving into a flatter more networked structure and we will need to rethink the idea of “control.” I like the terms influence and educate.

    I also ask myself what is the difference between me attending a meeting and networking versus doing it on-line. While the vehicle differs, if you trust me in one environment why not the other. If I mess up then deal with me. But you would not restrict me from attending face to face networking meetings or conferences.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I will get a copy of the book. I take the point you make about ‘influencing and eduacting’ and agree these are good terms. Look forward to the next blog.

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