Technology Equals “DUH”

The Institute of Psychiatry recently completed a study at computing firm Hewlett Packard and the results are startling!  The study was conducted by Dr Glenn Wilson from The University of London.  

Here are some quick results:

  • 62% of people checked work messages at home or on holiday.
  • Over 50% of the 1,100 respondents said they always responded to an email “immediately” or as soon as possible
  • 21% admitted they would interrupt a meeting to respond to an email immediately
  • Individuals distracted by incoming email and phone calls had a 10-point drop in their IQ which is more than 2 times the effects found in studies regarding marijuana use

What is most disturbing is the sense that people believe they are more productive because of technology.  What we are finding out based on recent studies is that we must adapt to better utilize these technological tools we have at our fingertips.  If we do not approach our use of technology better there can be a number of ramifications:

  • People who consistently stop tasks to respond to emails and texts suffer side effects such as loss of sleep
  • Increased stress levels
  • Anger management and rage problems
  • Learning problems for children and students
  • Autism type behavior in children

We are not equipped to do that many things at once.  When we attempt to juggle multiple tasks we actually become inefficient and less effective.  Here are some tips to manage technology:

  1. Set a time when all technology is turned off
  2. Try to focus your efforts on one task.  For example do not surf the net while texting at the same time.
  3. Treat relationships and meetings as sacred.  If you are meeting with an employee get up and move away from your email.
  4. Turn off alarms and sounds related to text messages and email
  5. Limit the amount of times you check email each day

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