NFL Draft Picks and Engagement

Experts had Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen as a top 10 pick in the draft.  Clausen had the experience.  He played under Charlie Weis for Notre Dame which prepared him for the pro’s and distinguished him from his competition, however Clausen didn’t get drafted in the first round.  Nor did he hear his name in the second round.  He was even passed over by Charlie Weis his old coach who is now with the Kansas City Chiefs.   

The Carolina Panthers picked Clausen.  He was the 48th overall pick; a far cry from a top 10 pick.  What should we garner from this? 

Lesson 1: Technical expertise and talent are just not good enough.  Attitude makes a difference; a big difference!  Clausen was known to have attitude problems and that created concerns.  

Lesson 2:  Hire for cultural fit.  Make sure your candidates can succeed in your environment.  

Lesson 3:  Hold associates accountable for how they accomplish goals and accomplishing goals. 

Lesson 4:  Create ownership among your team for creating an engaging culture and environment.

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