Post Office Problems

The post office is looking for suggestions from the public to find new cost-saving measures without reducing customer service.

The U.S. Postal Service reduced its workforce by 200,000 employees over the past few years and more cuts may be coming.

So both the commission that oversees the USPS and the post office’s inspector general are looking for other options, that could include eliminating Saturday delivery, generating revenue from new products, raising rates, closing offices and restructuring mail processing centers.

I find this ironic.  The big issue with the post office is service.  When you go to the post office you feel like you are cattle.  Rarely do the associates look you in the eye.  When you do not do something right many there act like you are a problem.   One person, in the post office I go to, is very robotic.  I might as well utilize a machine.  They need to be engaged so they can engage the customer!

I realize that there is a lot of volume.  I also realize some tasks are monotonous.  But service is paramount.  Many people go to FedEx and UPS because they feel those services are more reliable and service oriented.  If you ask me and I know you did not…invest in a customer service effort, train your people in service, and hire those ready to serve the public.

The other challenge the post office will have to deal with is the reduction in mail.  The post office business model looks a lot like Blockbuster’s.  And we all know what is happening with Blockbuster right now.


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