Talent Management Choices

Interestingly enough over the last economic downturn different organizations made significantly different choices.  Specifically, organizations with mature talent management areas (MTMA) made different choices than those without mature talent management areas (Peers).  See how those differences played out.  Where would your organization fall?

Choice 1: Re-evaluate learning and development offerings and refocus options on organizational goals
    Peers: 59%
    MTMA: 93%
Choice 2: Take advantage of opportunities to hire critical talent

    Peers: 44%
    MTMA: 80%

Choice 3: Increase focus on employee engagement and retention of critical talent

    Peers: 54%
    MTMA: 73%

Choice 4: Improve internal brand and internal employee communications

    Peers: 39%
    MTMA: 53%


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