Idea Listening Campaign

Recently, I was asked for some thoughts or advice on creating an idea listening campaign.  There are a number of ways, some more innovative than others, to create a listening campaign with your employees (but that is a whole other topic).  Here are some key principles to focus on:

1. Find a champion

2. Communicate it a number of ways

3. Share the “What’s in it for me” with your employees

4. Have a celebration plan. These contests tend to fizzle or fall flat because the push is for the ideas and it should really be about your people and the collaboration.

5. Warning: Some big ideas produce small changes and some ideas produce tidal waves. Encourage insight ideas more than big ideas.

6. Create a structure to promote learning like:

a. What is the insight?
b. Why is it important?
c. How can we utilize this insight?
d. What could the impact be for our people and the business?

7. Have a listening and follow-up plan ready. Associates feel more frustrated when asked for their opinion only for it to disappear into a black hole. Make your listening and actions in response to these ideas visible!

What are some of your lessons learned or principles to follow?


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