Tim Wrightman and Engagement

Tim Wrightman, a former All-American UCLA football player, tells a story about how, as a rookie lineman in the National Football League, he was up against the legendary pass rusher Lawrence Taylor. Taylor was not only physically powerful and uncommonly quick but a master at verbal intimidation.

Looking young Tim in the eye, he said, “Sonny, get ready. I’m going to the left and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Wrightman coolly responded, “Sir, is that your left or mine?”

The question froze Taylor long enough to allow Wrightman to throw a perfect block on him.

What is amazing about this story is it’s illustration that anyone –smaller, less innate ability, less experience–can outperform even the best if they put their mind to it.  We have choices we are able to make each day.  We choose how we will react. 

Will we freeze?  Will we become paralyzed by our thoughts and fears? Or

Will we keep our cool?  Will we think strategically? 

Will we let fear, intimidation, and stress be our jailor or counselor today?

I know what Tim Wrightman chose on that day.  What about you?  Engage yourself and outperform those around you.


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