Only The Strong Survive

A friend of my mine sent me this video and I  have to say it is uncomfortable and uplifting.  Take a look…

The first half reminded me of how many employed and unemployed feel right now.  The second half reminded me that we have the power to change things.  We must pull ourselves up, retrain, and without succumbing to our fears take the world on.  Out of some of the worst situations I have seen some amazing ideas, relationships, and successes birthed.  While no one wished bad things on anyone, or at least we hope that do not, difficulties do not have to be the end.  So to new beginnings…


2 thoughts on “Only The Strong Survive

  1. While dreading what I knew was about to happen, I wasn’t expecting the unexpected. You’re right in that disappointments and sometimes failures make us stronger than before. This in turn leaves us better positioned and poised to take on new directions and new opportunities. To paraphrase Yogi Bearer’s, “It aint over till it’s over,” I add “It aint over till we deem it to be over.” I guess this is what the great Bearer was saying after all.

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