It is time to fly solo.  Solo-tasking that is.  Multi-tasking has been proven over and over again to be a myth.

We interpret our brains to be working on multiple things at once and the truth is we are fooling ourselves.  We are just not built that way.  Recently, Vanderbilt used MRI studies to demonstrate that our brain is not designed for quality multi-tasking. When we attempt to accomplish two things at the same time, our brain momentarily closes down one job in order to perform the other.

It is time we take a moment and:

  • Prioritize our responsibilities
  • Evaluate what is necessary and what is not
  • Determine what tasks have real impact; and
  • Decide which task have the most value

When we are ready…then we will finally concentrate on something and the quality of our work and relationships will only benefit. 

Remember flying solo has a positive ring to it.  We like that phrase for its connotations of independence and mastery.  So try Solo-tasking and soar away!


2 thoughts on “Solo-tasking?

  1. Multi-tasking is also proving to be something that should not be included on a resume. It is being proven (I cannot site where, but research will show) that multi-tasking leads to greater inefficiencies…

    When someone says they can multi-task, ask them to do two of the most simple tasks on earth at the same time:
    1) Task one – Sing (either aloud or to yourself) “Mary Had a Little Lamb” (or ‘Row Row Row Your Boar”)
    2) Task two to be done at precisely the same time – “Count to ten” – (either aloud or to yourself)

    Do it without stopping either process. If you can do it, please submit yourself to science.

    Charlie Davenport, Professional recruiter who ignores resumes that include multitasking as a skill set.

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