After the recession…

According to SHRM: 

HR professionals will be among the first to see signs of life return to the job market and any accompanying increase in turnover. 

With many disengaged employees staying put rather than risking an uncertain job market, HR professionals in 2010 will be focusing on how to reengage employees and retain the most valuable talent.

How is your company focusing on these issues?  Are they?


2 thoughts on “After the recession…

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  2. What should you do to retain your high performers? Give them clear direction, leadership and strong communication. How do you that? Strategic recognition is a powerful methodology for accomplishing just that, but with a double benefit. With strategic recognition, you are repeatedly positively acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of those who reflect your company values in achievement of your objectives, which communicates and reinforces those objectives with every recognition. But it also does so in a powerfully positive way, building good will and a sense of the company’s commitment to and high valuation of the employee and his or her efforts.

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