10 Leadership Tips for Tough Times

Self Aware – Be committed to learning about you.  Even if you feel you are self aware a reminder now and then can help you stay aligned with your staff, your boss, and most importantly you!  So take a 360 feedback assessment, a personality profile, and/or start a journal.  Staying sharp in tough times will help you maintain perspective.

Know Your People – Utilize a strong engagement survey tool to find out what the current state of affairs is.  Then make sure you acknowledge and act on the results.

Lend A Voice – Create real opportunities for your employees to share their perspective.  Give them a voice.  They have a rich point of view that will only help in growing your business or achieving your goals. 

Eye the BDP’s – We spend so much time recreating the wheel or bring in new ideas and processes when  sometimes all we need to do is replicate something that is already working.  Not only is building off of the Best Demonstrated Practices a good idea, it provides you with an incredible opportunity to recognize your people.

Low Hanging Fruit – Go for some easy or quick wins.  It is less work, but more importantly it creates momentum swiftly and boosts morale.

Make the Rounds – Eat with your people.  Walk the halls with your people.  Go to their cubicle.  Walk around the office.  And while doing these things take an interest in their ideas, challenges, projects, improvements, etc.  This does not take long and the benefits you reap are enormous.

Create a Cause – People own what they care about.  How does your company better the local community or the customer?  Why should your employees be proud for working there?  Create a reason.

A Quick Clean Cut – If you have to make changes in your workplace be precise and get it over with.  Too many organizations create transformation plans that last forever, hold many surprises, and trample any focus on the customer.  Death by a 1000 cuts is terrible for the employee and devastating to a business.

Keep Your Memory – Don’t forget what made you successful.  Too many of us focus too much on spreadsheets, profit margins, and sales rather than why they are good or bad.  Always remember…it is about the customer.

Opportunity and Performance – Focus on opportunities, not retreat.  Don’t let fear cause you to get caught up politics.  Even if you win the battle, you will lose the war.  I am not saying be naïve, but keep your wits about you and know what is “right” and what is “wrong.”  Long term respect from those around you and a strong track record will serve you best.

What tips do you have?  Come on share them!


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