Employee Engagement Reviewed by HR Magazine

From HR Magazine’s Books in Brief

Author and consultant Brad Federman calls it “the big question” for all organizations: “How do we create an environment that encourages connections or mutually beneficial bonds?” The question isn’t about warm and fuzzy feel-good workplaces; it’s about employee performance and tenure and their impact on the organization and its bottom line.

In Employee Engagement, Federman looks at why surveys and data on engagement are so often flawed and gives advice on shaping better surveys to measure employee engagement more accurately. Readers learn how to manage engagement surveys, ask questions that elicit more-useful answers and analyze results.

Then readers get advice on how to handle the feedback they will get from surveys and conduct talks with employees. Federman provides sample agendas for different types of discussions about engagement feedback, plus charts to help readers organize data and plan actions and tips on communicating results that come from discussions with employees.

Readers learn to apply the information they get about employee engagement by improving the way the employer handles turnover, selection, onboarding processes, leadership development and more.

For example, a detailed turnover matrix examines types of turnover—voluntary and involuntary, after a short time on the job or after a longer tenure—and examines why each type of turnover happens. A chapter on hiring and bringing new hires on board looks at how to preview jobs for new hires more realistically, how to use testing and behavior-based or structured interviews, and how to create transition plans for new hires.

Federman also describes competencies managers and others need to connect with others and increase engagement. Taking personal responsibility for one’s actions, recognizing others’ contributions, being resilient in the face of change and focusing on customer service are among the competencies.

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