An Engaging Mission

I just got back from speaking at a conference. During my talk I asked this question:

“How many of your businesses have a mission?”

About half of their hands went up in the air. Then I asked those with a mission:

“How many of you involved employees in developing that mission?”

Only one hand remained.

“How can you engage your employees if you have not engaged them in the mission of the organization?”

Now is the time to reconnect your employees with your mission.  With all of the change, restructuring, lay offs employees are feeling lost, guilty, frustrated and more.  One way to help everyone reconnect and move forward is to re-establish a corporate mission.


4 thoughts on “An Engaging Mission

  1. Oh, excellent point. After the massive organizational upheavals due to the recession, so many employees are floundering in what to prioritize and what really matters. We’re seeing this problem of alignment as the key challenge facing COOs and their teams in the coming year. Yes, I very much agree employees should be involved in creating the mission. But so should the leadership frequently, consistently and positively communicate that mission. We’ve found one of the most effective and positive methods of doing so to be through strategic recognition wherein employees are encouraged to acknowledge and praise the exceptional efforts and behaviors of colleagues that reflect the company values in achievement of the strategic objectives. In this way employees are not only reminded of the values and objectives with every recognition they receive, but it also becomes very real to them how they are helping to achieve that mission in their daily tasks — powerful stuff indeed!

  2. Re-establishing a mission statement is an excellent idea and should be part of renewing and re-establishing all business foundations and processes ready for the next exciting new development that will take place

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