You Tube and Engaging Projects

This is an awesome video. Laughed the whole time. What is more impressive is they thank their employer afterwards for valuing their creativity.  How many companies would let their people engage in a project like this and then upload it to You Tube.  This says a great deal about the culture at Seagate.

Some may say this was a waste of their time, but I would look at it as an investment.  Research shows that letting people work on something they feel passionate about positively impacts the rest of their work and their desire to stay.  How do you foster creativity? How passionate are your people?  To what extent do they want to stay?  Or do they just have too?

Watch the video and tell us your thoughts and reactions. Or even better yet…tell us your stories about fostering creativity and passion in the workplace.  We’re curious…


2 thoughts on “You Tube and Engaging Projects

  1. I loved the video. I would love to know how to foster that kind of creative energy. The proof of it’s value would be in measuring the productivity of the group. Now that is what I would like to know.

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