Always Be Prepared


I recently received a call from someone in my network.  They had just come out of a meeting with their boss–the President of the company.  During the meeting their boss suggested that they document everything they have been doing and update the position profile for their role.  

Under normal circumstances that request would not set off any alarms, but under the current economic umbrella and having the knowledge of their boss’s pending retirement the panic button was pushed.  That got me thinking…

While his boss may have a perfectly innocent reason for making the request such as: 

·         His boss may want to set him up with the next leader at the business and ensure he is valued appropriately; or

·         His boss may just be looking at the business to determine strategy and structure recommendations for moving forward after his own departure

And his boss may in fact be concerned about the health of the organization and be planning for a downsizing.  

In the end does it really matter?  If we fill our head with stories we will:

·         Distract ourselves from adding value

·         Make decisions out of fear

·         Worry about things we cannot possibly control

·         Protect ourselves from things that are not yet real

·         Become inauthentic, less creative, less perceptive and less  resourceful

More importantly, we should always be conscious of how we are demonstrating value, documenting our accomplishments, and promoting our value.  We should remember the Boy Scout motto…Be Prepared.  Always Be Prepared. 

Look at these situations as an opportunity rather than a risk. 

Ask yourself:

·              What am I most proud of?

·              What accomplishments best illustrate the value I bring to this organization?

·              What tangible results have I brought to this business?  Revenue, Profit, Customer Service Scores…

·              How else can I or should I contribute?

·              What would make a difference at my company, right now?


Based on the answers to the questions above make a plan and execute that plan.  If you are helping your company succeed then you are always much safer than others.  


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