Engagement in Difficult Times

Why worry about Engagement in difficult times?

·         Companies that have high levels of Engagement outperform those that do not

·         Public companies with high Engagement levels have stocks that outperform their rivals

·         In organizations with high levels of Engagement people waste less time

·         More key employees stick around in organizations that have high Engagement levels

·         Strong innovation occurs in highly Engaged employee populations

Source:  Employee Engagement:  Building a Culture of Engagement, Trust, and Accomplishment by Brad Federman


What should we focus on during difficult times?

There are a number of ways to maintain Employee Engagement whether it is through senior leadership and culture, at a team or work environment level, through direct supervisors, systems and processes or through personal engagement. During times like these we recommend a variety of key tips. Here are just a few:

Transparency. Now more than ever people fill their minds with stories and assumptions. They are scared and turn in many cases to non-productive efforts. When there is a lack of transparency they will fill in the blank with many negative assumptions.

Open dialogue. Leadership should open up dialogue. This is more than communication. This means creating opportunities to share feelings, concerns, and questions without fear of repercussion. That means leadership must feel comfortable being open, authentic, and start the process.

Personal Engagement. Personal Engagement is key. We all rely on supervisors or organizations to support us way too much. We need to provide development for our people, at the very least our key people, on how they can manage their own engagement and positively influence the engagement of others.


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