Help! I Need Some Money

Fear and Self Interest are what got us here; Opportunity and Interest in Others are what will get us out.

Consider these headlines:

·         Jobless claims hit a 26 year high

·         32% drop in profit for Disney

·         US auto sales are at a 16 year low

It must be bad.  I had better hunker down.  Who knows what will happen.  These times are scary!

Wait one second…On the other hand, here are some other headlines that have been buried:

·         VISA Posts Q1 Profits That Beat Estimates

·         Pending Home Sales Up In December

·         Geico Planning To Hire 870 New Employees In The First Quarter 09

·         Panera looking for positive things in 2009

·         IBMS Profit and 2009 Outlook Beats Estimates

We have to remember how this all started.  Businesses made loans to people who could not afford them.  Why did they do that?  Why did people accept these loans?  One reason:


If we had been interested in the effects our actions had on others.  If we had tempered our own agendas and were willing to act responsibly…WE WOULD NOT HAVE CREATED THE MESS. 

If we had not been concerned with looking good.  If we had not wanted to keep up with our neighbor.  If we were not afraid of how we looked to others…WE WOULD NOT CREATED THIS MESS.

If when we found out the house of cards was falling not panicked.  If we had not had a selloff of so much stock because of fear.  If banks were more honest about their financial systems…WE MIGHT HAVE HAD A SMALLER DOWNTURN.

But we now have a choice…


If we are able to focus on the needs of our clients and customers instead of worrying about getting the business…WE WILL GROW OUR BUSINESS.

If we are able to be honest about our financial situation and have enough accountability to responsibly get help…THINGS CAN GET BETTER.

If we can turn off distractions such as CNN and FOX news long enough to stop worrying we will be perceptive enough to see opportunities right in front of our eyes.

If we can make that one or two extra phone calls a day to prospects we will find THERE IS BUSINESS OUT THERE.

Now is the time to lose our egos, let go of our agendas, get rid of distractions, and manage our fears so that we can be PRESENT AND AVAILABLE TO OTHERS AND PERCEPTIVE ENOUGH TO SEE THE OPPORTUNITIES THEY PRESENT TO US. 


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